We are often asked why Carafe wines taste so good, considering that they are made on the premises rather than in steel tanks in a wine “factory”. 

Well, there are two basic reasons. 

Handcrafted wine in small (30 bottle) batches is actually quite tricky.  Each wine is unique and, as you know, we offer a tremendous variety of styles and types. This requires us to follow specific procedures and pay careful attention to all the details. There is little room for error.


 Just like cooking at home, if you buy cheap ingredients your meal may taste okay, but, if you search for the best ingredients, your meal will be that much better.  We buy ingredients from the best suppliers.  Fortunately, their juice brokers, in turn, shop the world for dozens of boutique wineries and some very large ones including Inniskillin, Jackson-Triggs, Paul Masson and even Mondavi.  This source of world class ingredients and technical support enables us to provide you with the best possible product on a consistent basis. Next time you are in to visit us, you may be surprised to find just how many wine regions are juices come from.  And, as we are producing locally, we can lower the amount of natural preservatives like sulphite.  Wines made at Carafe have won many awards and do very well in blind taste tests, even those conducted by experts. So why not save the LCBO taxes and mark-ups by making your own at Carafe? In terms of health benefits, your Doctor will be just as happy!