List of Wines At CarafeTM

Carafe's quality wines originate from some of the finest grape growing regions in the world. Our ingredients come from such distinguished growing regions as; California, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France and Washington State.

As well as our regular wine selections, periodically we offer CarafeTM Limited Edition specials. As a CarafeTM customer, you can join our mailing list and receive Carafe's newsletter, Cellar News, to stay informed of special offers and interesting wine information.

Below is a just a sampling of wines waiting for you at CarafeTM. Product selection may vary with location. See our store links to check the Wine List, pricing and specials at the location nearest to you.


Red Wines

Australian Shiraz - Full bodied with a hint of cassis
Barolo - Rich and full flavored with a soft finish
Bergamais - Youthful, fruity and refreshing
Chateau du Pays - Rich cherry and blackberry with pepper and chocolate notes
Chilean Merlot - Succulent berry, coffee and vanilla oak
Cabernet Sauvignon - Berry notes with a long, soft finish
Cabernet/Merlot - Medium bodied with perfect balance
Italian Amarone - Full bodied, opulent with dark fruit flavour
New Zealand Pinot Noir - Cherry, chocolate and spice with great depth
Rosso Fortissimo - A big, full-bodied wine with solid structure and bold fruit notes
Cabernet/Shiraz - A blockbuster of blackberry, plum and cherry

 Chilean Carmenere -Notes of coffee, mocha and toasty oak.


White Wines

German Gewurztraminer - Intense tropical fruits wih spicy notes
German Riesling Auslese - Off-dry with perfume of apple, honey and pear
Chardonnay/Semillon - Buttery rich, apple and pear with vanilla oak
Italian Pinot Grigio - Fresh, medium-bodied with lively citrus
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc - Bold citrus and melon, crisp and dry
Washington State Gewurztraminer - A powerhouse of mango, grapefruit, honey and spice
White Zinfandel - Off-dry and light with a delicate pink hue and strawberry aroma
Yakima Valley Traminer-Riesling - Incredibly elegant with a hint of sweetness
Australian Chardonnay - Supple and elegant with honey, tropical fruits and vanilla oak

Mist Wines

For something different, why not stock up on our fruity, refreshing Mist Wines? Lower in alcohol content, and delicious over ice or mixed with soda, these wines are perfect for relaxing in the sun. Mist wine batches also yield approximately thirty, 750 ml bottles.
Blackberry Merlot - Juicy blackberries with smooth Merlot
Cranberry Cianti - The velvet richness of Chianti with the elegant fuitiness of fresh Cranberries.
Strawberry Riesling - Fresh picked strawberries with tropical fruit
Raspberry White Zinfandel - Sweet, ripe raspberries blended with White Zinfandel.

 Peach Chardonnay -The natural sweetness of juicy oeaches with the  

 crispness of refreshing Chardonnay.

 Bluebarry Shiraz - Juicy Blueberries with the added splash of Shiraz!


Ice Wine Styles

You may have heard about this exciting award-winning style of wine. Ice Wine Styles are now available at CarafeTM. We can make some for you at a fraction of the usual cost. Our batches yield approximately thirty, 375 ml bottles.
Vidal Ice Wine Style - Full of peach and tropical fruit with honey-like sweetness.
WA State Gewurztraminer Ice Wine Style - Richly intense. A rare sensory experience.