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Carafe WineMakers™ Licence Program

Today,  more  and  more  people are  discovering  the  advantages of going  into business  for themselves.  The freedom  of independence and the opportunity to succeed drive the entrepreneurial spirit.   Yet,  there are so  many businesses to choose from and the personal and financial risks are high.  If you are planning to open your own business, enjoy people and wine, you should consider taking out a  Carafe WineMakers™ licence  for  your area.   It  is a relatively low cost,  small business  opportunity that will continue to  evolve alongside the escalating wine market.

Carafe has a proven formula for success!

We have a designed a unique, yet far-reaching concept - Carafe WineMakers™.  These small, yet high output, family-run boutique micro wineries are the ultimate experience for today's value-conscious Customers who take pride in their own fine quality wines.

There are several built-in competitive advantages to having your own Carafe WineMakers.  Unlike commercial wineries, they do not require high capital outlays for land, buildings and heavy equipment. They do not require viticulture expertise and are not susceptible to climatic conditions.  High profit margins, low taxes and minimal staffing costs enable you to produce commercial quality wines with personalized service and flexible pricing. Carafe is a business where you can offer a tremendous selection of wines using ingredients from some of the world's renowned grape growing regions to satisfy consumers' growing interest in wine!

Carafe WineMakers' urban retail location enhances the opportunity to promote it's products directly to the consumer.  Turn your storefront into a unique and inviting wine boutique offering a wide range of interesting wine related accessories and reasonably priced gift-giving items. Attract a loyal, repeat clientele with seasonal specials, group wine making sessions and Carafe's exclusive offerings.  Enjoy the many benefits of the expanding wine industry with your own Carafe WineMakers operation!

Owning your own Carafe WineMakers™...
a unique and rewarding experience
with a tremendous future!

Customers find winemaking at Carafe an interesting and gratifying experience. Making wine at Carafe is easy and fun to do!  Our proven system is safe and reliable. Carafe's friendly, well-trained staff advises wine-makers and takes care of the entire fermentation process.  All wines made at Carafe are unconditionally guaranteed.

Private labeling promotes the interaction of the winery with its community. Carafe's personalized labeling packages are ideal for Weddings, corporate functions or any special occasion.

Franchise Benefits
Without the Franchise Restrictions!

If you are planning to open your own winemaking business, you have probably considered the pros and cons of buying a franchise versus enjoying the freedom of your own independent store.  We know, because Carafe has been in the micro winery business since the concept first developed.  We have helped a lot of folks make their dream a reality, both as franchises, and as independents. 

Our experience has taught us that most small business owners, such as yourself, are hardworking, dedicated and fiercely independent.  You will give it all you’ve got, and don’t really feel you should have to bend to a lot of franchise rules.  Yet, as with most small businesses, there are certain advantages to being part of an established group.

Well, we have the perfect solution for you!  Have all the profitable benefits of being a franchise – the group purchasing power, the brand recognition, and the support you need to build and run your store – without sacrificing your vision to that of somebody else!

As a Carafe™ licensee, you control all aspects of your store.  You hold your own lease, set your own prices and work your own hours.  You are not locked into purchasing your product from "Head Office". However, when your store flies the Carafe™ colors, you increase your chances of success and put more money in your pocket.

Carafe™ licensees receive expert advice and thorough training in order to successfully open and operate their store.  When you take out a Carafe™ licence you will benefit from an established buying co-operative and marketing organization.  You will have access to the best ingredients available at volume purchase rates. Take advantage of membership in an established group with a solid reputation while retaining your independence.

Great Wine.  Made Easy.

Seven key advantages to the Carafe™ Licence program.

  1. Corporate Identity
  2. Your Infrastructure
  3. Location
  4. Store Opening
  5. Training
  6. On-Going Support
  7. Cost Savings




Corporate Identity
As a Carafe™ licensee, you are granted exclusive rights to the use of the Carafe™ trade name, products and programs within your protected territory for an initial term. Thereafter, your license is renewable on an annual basis.  There are no long term franchise commitments. However, you are required to use the Trade name in an appropriate manner; to not adversely affect other members of the Carafe™ group. 

In addition to your initial supply of the many in-store marketing and promotional materials, you will receive guidance in preparing your store-specific marketing plan. You will have the support of Carafe’s on-going marketing strategies including Internet marketing and unique Carafe™ products as you build your business with wine-lovers in your community.

Your Infrastructure
Start-up assistance is provided on a consulting basis. We are here to help you to get ready for your new business.  We will discuss a range of topics that are fundamental to your success. For example, we can help you to analyze the size and conditions of your target market and the competitive environment, determine your potential customer base and select the best products and services to offer your customers.

We ensure that you have an understanding of the various government licensing issues you can expect to encounter, as well as operation details to meet regulations.

You will receive a business start-up check list that is customized for your project.  In addition to a review of your business plan, we will advise you on a number of important issues such as: financing arrangements, lease negotiations, registrations, banking arrangements and POS system.

We will also help you to prepare a realistic timeline for the development of your new business.  As a Carafe™ licensee, you can count on us to be there to assist you with any questions you may have in setting up your new venture. 

We will help you with a site analysis of your intended location. If your ideal location is yet to be decided, we can advise on the suitability of available space in your trading area.  Once found, you can utilize our years of experience to get your facility up and running.

Store Opening
This is an important area that will benefit greatly from proper planning to ensure that your location is built to your specifications and within your budget.

Take advantage of our resources to create an efficient yet unique and inviting winemaking boutique. We can provide you with important store design information and detailed construction specifications to minimize permit delays and cost over-runs.  We are also there to offer advice on your selection of up to date equipment, inventory, furnishings, signs, supplies, décor and displays. 

And, of course, we will guide you through the Government license application process.

As a Carafe™ licensee, you will receive advanced training that will include the Carafe™operating manual. You will be offered detailed pre-opening management and technical training.  On-site training for you and your staff is also available. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions as we teach you how to make great wine, purchase ingredients, promote your products and services and administer your MicroWinery business. 

Our hands-on wine making training begins with a thorough discussion of basic wine processing procedures.  This is followed by a review of the characteristics unique to the ingredients you have chosen to use.  Our experienced team will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the process: primary fermentation; racking; filtering, and sweetening.  We will also teach you bottling and packaging procedures in accordance with the equipment you have selected. No winemaking experience is necessary!

Take advantage of extensive start up advice involving all aspects of your business.  


On-Going Support
As a Carafe™ licensee, you will retain all the benefits of running your own business yet have access to ongoing marketing, technical and operational advice including industry updates.  You will be able to use the information resources of the entire Carafe WineMakers™ network - a comprehensive operating system at your finger tips!

As a Carafe™ licensee, you will be invited to attend meetings with other Licensees and to participate in the development of exclusive regional marketing programs including monthly specials, Limited Edition wines and advertising campaigns. You will receive newsletter template that you can modify to suit your needs.  Your store will also be automatically included in the Carafe WineMakers™ high traffic Websites and ongoing social marketing programs.

Cost Savings
You will enjoy significant savings as a member of the Carafe™purchasing co-op! The volume buying power of the Carafe™ group will reduce your costs on many important items including wine kits, processing equipment, marketing charges and printed materials as well as exclusive software, corks, labels and wine accessories.  And, the more the Carafe™co-op grows, the more each of its members can benefit.

Canadian Licensees will automatically become a member in organizations such as the Retail Council of Canada at no charge to you.  This will provide further savings in areas such as credit and debit card transactions.   

What Will All This Cost?
Start Ups Costs:
The capital costs of creating a new micro winery will vary, depending on the initial condition of the premises - and what your facility is to become!  Although we will help you to pin down detailed figures once we have collected the necessary local information, you should expect the total minimum cost to open your new business to be $90,000 plus sufficient working capital.

Carafe Fees: There is a one-time fee to set up your License which varies in accordance with the requirements of you and your exclusive territory. Thereafter, there is a modest monthly fee that is based on your purchase savings.  Our practice is to ensure that your savings meet or exceed the fees, making membership in the Carafe™group net FREE.    It is a win-win opportunity! 

So, Where Do We Begin?

If you would like to explore this exciting opportunity, just complete the information request form on our Website in the Business To Business section. We ill give you a call to arrange a complimentary fact-finding meeting. Or, simply call us at your convenience 1-416-781-9463 x555

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