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  Carafe's Merlot Quartet


After searching far and wide, we are pleased to announce that we have sourced the ingredients for a 2015 Merlot Quartet. This Carafe Exclusive has arrived! Merlot Quartet combines pure juices arriving from four top quality regions: Chile, Sonoma, Lodi California and Italy.





Carafe Online Contest

The online contest is now closed. .

Congratulations to all the winners.

Jocelyn Swinton - Mississauga, Ont
John Giuliano - Toronto, Ont.
Mike Lizon - Mississauga, Ont,
Darlene Tonna - Brampton, Ont
Wendy Novak - Oakville, Ont
Janice Skrinek - Ajax, Ont
Stacey Hawkings, Hamilton, Ontario
Ben Naylor, Mississauga, Ontario
Brian Leudy, Cambridge, Ontario
Joshua Ramsey, Oakville, Ontario
Siobhan Pantin , Mississauga, Ontario
Emma Battiston, Hamilton, Ontario
Fran Jarema, Mississauga, Ontario
Andrew Zanalla, Milton, Ontario
Joanne, Hamilton, Ontario
Stacy Tapp of Milton, Ontario
Veronica Chen of Guelph, Ontario
Lori Morgan of Newmarket, Ontario
Joyce Reynolds of Oakville, Ontario
Tony Tran of Mississauga, Ontario
Petra Bourne of Georgetown, Ontario
Wes Fletcher of Hamilton, Ontario
Moira Fogarty of Oakville, Ontario
Jerry Smolen of Mississauga, Ontario
Hortense Harvey of Mississauga, Ontario

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Wine as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

The benefits of moderate drinking have been recognized for centuries, with wine being viewed as complementary and compatible with a healthy lifestyle. 

In particular, research over the last century has demonstrated how key organic compounds found in wine, namely flavonoid and non-flavonoid polyphenols, provide additional healthful benefits not attributed to other alcoholic beverages. - Canadian Vintners Association

For more info on wine and health visit the Canadian Vintners Association

To download your copy of Wine and a Healthy Lifestyle brochure click here.

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