Carafe is a unique and inviting winemaking workshop. Carafes are clean, modern and fully equipped with automated bottle washing, filling, corking and processing equipment. Carafe is the ultimate winemaking experience where wine-lovers enjoy their own great taste at substantial savings!

Making wine at Carafe is an interesting and rewarding experience. Carafe offers a tremendous selection of wine styles. Making wine at Carafe is easy to do, safe and reliable. It only takes a few minutes to get started. Our friendly, well-trained staff will advise you and take care of the process (primary fermentation, racking, stabilization and filtering). You come back in a few weeks to fill and cork your wine bottles using our modern facilities. No experience necessary!

All wines made at Carafe are unconditionally guaranteed to please!   We have seasonal specials, exclusive offerings and monthly Featured wine sales. Carafe offers a wide range of reasonably priced wine accessories, and custom labels.